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Community Acupuncture for Women

The benefit of acupuncture for women

Acupuncture can help significantly in maintaining a good quality of life. Many women cannot always find a solution for their needs in conventional medicine and are turning to complementary medicine such as acupuncture for support. 


Acupuncture is one of the most researched complementary medicine and can help vulvodynia and vaginal pain, menstruation issues such as painful menstruation, various physical & mental symptoms before menstruation (PMS), endometriosis, urinary bladder pain and recurrent infections, emotional wellness, digestion problems, insomnia, infertility, pregnancy pains, postpartum depression and so much more. 


Acupuncture is a safe ancient technique for therapeutic or preventive purposes by inserting thin disposable needles through the skin at the selected acupuncture points scientifically acknowledged as effective for chronic pain.


Orit's focus on community acupuncture  

Orit has been focusing on women’s health since graduating from the Chinese medicine program in Israel and China in 2004.

3 years later Orit started to focus specifically on treating women with chronic vulvar and vaginal pain. The pain can be any unpleasant feeling (burning, itching, stinging, stabbing) in the opening of the vagina, in the labia, the clitoral hood or any other part of the vulva or the vagina.


In Orit's 19 years of experience in treating women with Chinese medicine, she saw that the healing process is faster with twice-weekly acupuncture treatments. Since most patients can’t afford it, she decided to embrace the beautiful concept of community acupuncture to reduce the costs of the treatment.

How does it work?

The acupuncture treatments will be in a community set-up with max 4 patients at the same time. The selected acupuncture points are NOT intimate (therefore no need to take off your pants and/or underwear) located below your knees and elbows, on your scalp and sometimes around your belly button. 

Right before each session, we will have a 10-minute private talk to follow up on your progress.

Where and When?

The acupuncture treatments are available at Studio Balance 

Rijnstraat 63H

Tuesdays    9:45 - 11:45 AM

Thursdays 13:30 - 15:30 PM

IMG-9971 (1).jpg

How much does it cost?


Start package: 115 euros

90 minutes treatment in Orit's private clinic consists of a personal initial intake for diagnosis and 1 Acupuncture treatment 

Follow-up package #1: 195 euros

Consists of 5 consecutive community acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour each (for a value of 39 euros each)

Valid for 3 weeks.

Follow-up package #2: 180 euros

4 Community Acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour (for a value of 45 euros each)

Valid for 4 weeks


Full personal follow-up intake: 85 euros

A personal appointment in Orit's private clinic to follow up on the progress of which the frequency will be decided individually with you 


*All packages will be paid in advance

*No cancellation or slot changes policy


*It may be possible for you to receive a partial or full refund in accordance with your personal insurance plan

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