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Community Acupuncture for Vulvodynia

The benefit of acupuncture for women

Women today are pulled in more directions than ever before and acupuncture can help significantly in maintaining a good quality of life. What we notice is that many women cannot always find a solution for their needs in conventional medicine and are turning to complementary medicine such as acupuncture for support. 


Acupuncture is one of the most researched complementary medicine and can help vestibulodynia, menstruation issues, endometriosis, emotional wellness, lowered immune systems, sudden weight loss/gaining, insomnia, infertility, pregnancy pains, morning sickness, postpartum depression and so much more. 


Acupuncture is a safe ancient technique for therapeutic or preventive purposes by inserting thin disposable needles through the skin at the selected acupuncture points scientifically acknowledged as effective for chronic pain.


Orit's focus with community acupuncture 

Orit's focus specifically in her community acupuncture is to treat women with vulvodynia,  vulva and vaginal pain. The pain can be any unpleasant feeling (burning, itching, stinging, stabbing) in the opening of the vagina, in the labia, the clitoral hood or any other part of the vulva. In most cases the pain is called vestibulodynia and arises only with direct contact such as insertion of a tampon, during or after sexual intercourse, cycling, sitting for too long, wearing tight pants or jeans, etc. In some cases, the pain shows spontaneously without contact.


In Orit's 15 years of experience in the treatment of vulvodynia, Orit saw that the healing process is faster with twice weekly acupuncture treatments. Since most patients can’t afford it, she decided to embrace the beautiful concept of community acupuncture to reduce the costs of the treatment only for people with chronic vulvar and vaginal pain.

How does it work?

The acupuncture treatments will be in a community set-up with max 3 patients. The selected acupuncture points are NOT intimate (therefore no need to take off your pants and/or underwear) located below your knees and elbows, on your scalp and sometimes around your belly button.

Where and When?

The acupuncture treatments are available at Studio Balance, Rijnstraat 63H on

Tuesdays and Thursdays

9:45 - 11:45

IMG-9971 (1).jpg

How much does it cost?


from January up until and including March 2023


Start package: 115 euros

Consists of 1 personal appointment for the initial intake of 1 hour for diagnosis  (for a value of 85 euros)  and 1 community acupuncture treatment of approximately 1 hour  (for a value of 30 euros)


Follow up package*: 195 euros

Consists of 5 consecutive community acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour each (for a value of 39 euros each)


From April 2023 onwards


Start package: 130 euros

Consists of 1 personal appointment for the initial intake of 1 hour for diagnosis (for a value of 85 euros)  and 1 community acupuncture treatment of approximately 1 hour  (for a value of 45 euros)

Follow up package*: 225 euros

Consists of 5 community acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour (for a value of 45 euros each)


*If you are pleased with the results and would like to continue with a third package: This will consist of 1 personal appointment of 1 hour to follow up on progress  (for a value of 85 euros) and 6 community acupuncture treatments (for a value of 45 euros each) of which the frequency will be decided individually with you. 


* Payment will be made in advance for each treatment package - No cancellation policy.


* It may be possible for you to receive a partial or full refund in accordance to your personal insurance plan.

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