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(same model) as my other car. Will stay away from turbo 1.8 millie's. Also have a 2014 abarth one. Front brake line was cut and filled with goo. I had the tank reconditioned and it was a different smell than normal. Have to replace it. i only just got done with a service after my first 300,000 km, and my dealer told me i had to have it refilled as soon as i took it in for an inspection, they looked inside the gas tank and it was jammed to the top and not flowing freely, now with a new tank i'm like, gonna do the same thing again. yea i had the same issue. i filled it up twice. first fill it was leaking everywhere but the top was good so i left it alone. the second fill the tank was not leaking but the top was pretty bad. I finally said f it and started siphoning it out from the back, pulled it out from the front and top was leaking everywhere.[Methylglyoxal bis-guanylhydrazone. An antileukemic agent]. The antileukemic agent methylglyoxal bis-guanylhydrazone (MGGBG) was tested in vivo and in vitro. When the daily injection of MGGBG (20 mg/kg) was given to mice bearing leukemia L 1210 for 20 days, tumor growth was inhibited by 95%, with 11 of the mice cured. Administration of this drug (20 mg/kg) to mice with leukemia P 388 or Ehrlich ascites carcinoma was effective in 4 of 7 and 6 of 7, respectively, compared to control mice receiving 0.2 ml of PBS. The effect was reversible on cessation of treatment. MGGBG was also effective in vitro. Cells from mice with leukemia P 388 or Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, treated in vitro with MGGBG, were suppressed in tumor growth by 50% or more. Therefore, this agent may be a clinically useful drug for the treatment of some forms of leukemia.



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Web Etm With Star Finder Mercedes Latest

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