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Public transportation:

Trams: 7, 17, 3

With a car:

Parking a car in the street is possible and cost 6 euros for an hour, but it can be very busy, then you can use De Hallen parking garage nearby. 


As a member of the LVNT association, acupuncture treatments are covered by most health insurance companies in accordance with your personal insurance agreement.

(herbal consultations are usually NOT covered)

        First appointment (90 minutes)

          initial intake & acupuncture    

        Follow-up (60 - 70 minutes)

          short intake & acupuncture   

        Follow-up 2nd time a week (40 minutes)

          acupuncture alone: 2nd session in the same week   

        Online consultation (90 minutes)

          initial intake, consultation & a herbal prescription

        Online consultation (60 minutes)

          follow up to renew a herbal prescription    














In case of a cancellation please make sure to notify 24 hours in advance,

if not, a full rate of the treatment will be charged.

How does it work?
at my practice in Amsterdam

How does it work?
online session

How does it work?
out of hours availability


Dear patient,

The choice to be a therapist came up from my passion to help others, especially women that were disappointed by other approaches. if you have reached this page then something that I did or said may have not reached my aim to help, therefore, first I would like to apologize and ask you to please contact me by phone, email or through the contact form to describe the problem, just in case it was an unfortunate misunderstanding that we can solve together.

If not, you can follow the instructions on this page

All the best,



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