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Private practice:

Uiterwaardenstraat 209, Amsterdam

Tuesdays 14:00 - 18:00

Fridays    09:00 - 18:00

Community Acupuncture:

Bluebirds West: Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8, Amsterdam 

Tuesdays 09:30 - 11:30

Bluebirds Zuid: Rijnstraat 63H, Amsterdam 

Thursday s

13:30 - 15:30

NEW location! special limited offer

mobile: (+31) 06-21336227


Public transportation:

Maastraat station: tram no. 4, bus no. 65

Europaplein: Metro 52

With a car:

Parking a car in the street is possible and cost 4.5 euros per hour


First appointment: 115 euros

90 minutes treatment in Orit's private clinic 

A personal initial intake for diagnosis and one Acupuncture treatment 

Follow-up: 85 euros

60-70 minutes in Orit's private clinic 

short intake & one acupuncture treatment

Follow-up package Zuid: 180 euros

4 Community Acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour

(for a value of 45 euros each) valid for 4 weeks

NEW location in West! special limited offer until 31-3-24

Follow-up package West: 160 euros

4 Community Acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour

(for a value of 40 euros each) Valid for 4 weeks

Additional Policies:

  • In case of a cancellation of a session in the private practice, please make sure to notify us 24 hours in advance, if not, a full rate of the treatment will be charged.
  • All packages of the community clinic must be paid in advance to secure your sessions.

  • In the community clinic we enforce a strict no cancellation or slot changes policy to maintain clinic operations and respect all patients' time.

  • For patients seeking more flexibility, private clinic sessions are available at a higher fee.

  • Reimbursement options for acupuncture treatments are available through your personal insurance plan. Patients are responsible for payment upfront and may inquire with their insurance provider for possible reimbursement.

  • Here you can check weather your health insurance company has a contract with the LVNT association or not

How does it work?
at my practice in Amsterdam

How does it work?
online session

How does it work?
out of hours availability


Dear patient,

The choice to be a therapist came up from my passion to help others, especially women that were disappointed by other approaches. if you have reached this page then something that I did or said may have not reached my aim to help, therefore, first I would like to apologize and ask you to please contact me by phone, email or through the contact form to describe the problem, just in case it was an unfortunate misunderstanding that we can solve together.

If not, you can follow the instructions on this page

All the best,


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