My name is Orit Zilberman, a Chinese medicine therapist member of the Dutch LVNT association, focusing on women’s health.

I provide acupuncture and herbal treatments for any disorder women suffer from at any age in a private clinic I own since 2004.

Since 2007 I have been focusing on the treatment of vulvodynia following collaboration with the Israeli Gynecologist Dr. Liora Abramov.

I have successfully treated hundreds of women who suffered from vulvar and vaginal pain and make great efforts to raise awareness of the syndrome and to the good results of Chinese medicine treatment by talking about it in any opportunity and advising women whether at my clinic frame or out of it.


As one of a few Chinese medicine therapists in the world with vast experience in the treatment of women who suffered from vulvodynia, I am aware of the importance of sharing my experience and knowledge with fellow practitioners, therefore I write articles, lecture, and teach about it.


In 2004, after completing 6 months of training programs in 2 hospitals in China I graduated the 4-year Chinese medicine program at Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Tel Aviv, IL.

Over the years I have studied from many teachers in different courses and conventions most influenced by master Tung’s method in acupuncture and the Li Dong Yuan approach in herbal treatments.

Since it was almost impossible to find any information about vulvodynia in the translated Chinese literature I have spent a large period of time reading articles and books in order to understand vulvodynia according to Chinese medicine.

In December 2018 at age 44 I fulfilled an old dream and along with my son relocated our life to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After completing the HBO training program I registered in the AGB and the Dutch association LVNT.

LVNT number: 19.019    AGB code: 90107259    KVK: 73953582