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​My name is Orit and I am a Chinese medicine therapist focusing on women’s health.

I provide acupuncture and herbal treatments for many disorders that women experience at any age in a private clinic I own since 2004.


For over 15 years, I have had the privilege to be part of a life-changing process for hundreds of women who suffered from vulvodynia. My collaboration with the gynaecologist Dr Liora Abramov, one of the leading experts in vulvodynia in Israel, led me onto this path in 2007.


From there, after eight years of practice and extensive research, I wrote the first detailed article ever published in the professional Chinese medicine literature about vulvodynia. 


Now, as always, I am committed to continuing learning and extending my knowledge in this area, raising awareness of vulvodynia and the resulting success of my treatment has become my mission. I have been doing this by writing articles, and blogs, and giving lectures in this field, and since 2019 I have been teaching workshops for fellow practitioners in both English and Hebrew.​


In 2004, after completing 6 months of training programs in 2 hospitals in China I graduated from the 4-year Chinese medicine program at Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Tel Aviv, IL.


Over the years I have studied from many teachers in different courses and conventions most influenced in acupuncture by master Tung’s method, and my herbal treatments are mostly influenced by Shang Han Lun's and Li Dong Yuan's theories.


In December 2018 at age 44, I relocated my life and clinic to Amsterdam, NL. After completing the HBO training program I registered as a healthcare provider in the Netherlands with an AGB code and joined the Dutch association LVNT.


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My Blog


October 2021; The Journal of Chinese Medicine;


June 2018: Acu. Issue #19

Vulvodynia: the unspeakable pain (see below)


June 2017: Sinit - Chinese Medicine (Hebrew)


June 2017: Sinit - Chinese Medicine (Hebrew)


October 2015; The Journal of Chinese Medicine;

Reprinted with thanks to British Acupuncture Council’s member magazine, Acu.:

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