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vulvodynia & vaginal pain

Most women have or will experience pain during sexual intercourse, with 10%-15% of women the pain is constant and is called Vulvodynia – chronic pain in the external genitals of a woman... 
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Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina and/or the vulva manifesting with one or more of the following symptoms: Profuse vaginal discharges with or without odour,  pain, itch, dryness, and/or a burning sensation... 
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Premenstrual syndrome

75% of menstruating women and adolescents experience one or more of premenstrual syndrome symptoms during their menstrual cycle. The fact that it is so common does not mean you should accept such interference in your daily functioning... 

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Menstrual cycle

Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)

Late, early or no menstruation 

Profuse or scanty bleeding

No menstruation


Statistics show that 10%-15% of couples are unable to conceive. The source for infertility in percentages divides almost equally between men and women (slightly more in women), with 5%-15% of cases where the source is unknown...

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Pregnancy & postpartum

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