Patient's stories

H's story:

I never had any issues with sex or felt any abnormal pain until I was 25 years old. when I met my boyfriend (who became my husband:))​ I got familiar with this pain for the first time. When we started dating 4.5 years ago I experienced pain that followed by a burning feeling and difficulty in urination... read more

N's story:

I am very happy to tell you my story with its good ending to encourage others to not give up, keep the faith and offer support because I know how important it is.

For those of you that don't want to read everything: hard work pays off and my keywords to the whole process I was going through are: patience and calmness... read more

A's story:

I have never enjoyed sex, I always thought that it is not for me, I always blamed my partners of being insensitive, dryness, stress, character. I use to tell myself that I was not sexual, that I'd better give up. One day, when the partner who was worth trying hard for arrived...

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S's story:

I didn’t always suffer from vulvar pain and discomfort during intercourse, it started all of a sudden. I used to enjoy sex and it has always been an inherent part of my relationships, therefore when the pain began a mental difficulty was involved, mainly within my relations... read more

L's story:

I arrived at Orit's clinic after a few years of rolling between doctors and treatments. I tried invasive physiotherapy and ointments and medicines. I tried and tried until suggested to go through a surgery, at this point, I said enough... read more