S's story

I didn’t always suffer from vulvar pain and discomfort during intercourse, it started all of a sudden. I used to enjoy sex and it has always been an inherent part of my relationships, therefore when the pain began a mental difficulty was involved, mainly within my relations.

I went through a long process of fear with medical examinations from doctors who disrespect my pain, told me that it was all in my head, didn’t diagnose the problem correctly, prescribed me wrong treatments and because of them I completely lost trust and faith. These experiences were so negative and frustrating that I felt I would rather do nothing.

While wondering online, I came across Orit's website and her reference to my problem and the medical system attitude of diagnosing and treating it, it encouraged me and gave me hope.

The treatment with Orit was positive, sensitive and empathetic, strengthening and deep in so many ways. Beyond that, thanks to her I learned that my problem has a diagnose and a name. Orit supported me against the complexity and difficulties of the problem, also within my relations, she was my therapist and a friend.

The Chinese medicine's point of view which does not separate the body and mental state was so different from everything I experienced before and I felt reinforced. In addition, Orit's personal, sensitive and thorough attitude made me feel safe and empowered, she listened and could hear my personal needs, so the treatment was suited best for me.

Eventually, the treatment improved the quality of my life in so many other ways apart from the original problem I came with and made me feel that I have a place to turn to even when western medicine and the system have failed. 

And especially, that you don’t have to live with vulvar pain and discomfort, it has a solution.