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L's story

I reached Orit after a few years of seeing many doctors and treatments. I tried invasive physiotherapy, ointments and medications. I tried and tried until surgery was suggested, at this point I said enough. Accidently I arrived at Dr Liora Abramov who recommended reaching out to Orit in addition to the conventional treatments.

I arrived at Orit's clinic with a set of problems and within the first few months I didn’t feel any significant change in the pain during penetration, but the treatment was very helpful in other aspects that bothered me in which I felt a significant improvement. My partner and I always got along with the problem, although I couldn't enjoy full penetration for many years of our relationship, with his support and my feeling that maybe I am just not very sexual I got along, so I took my time.

During treatment, my knowledge and awareness of my body grew, my diet improved, and along with the changes I went through I couldn’t find any excuses for taking birth control pills (in particular when there is no penetration and risk for pregnancy)  an issue that came up more than once with Orit.

I just stopped taking the pills.


Within a short time I felt dramatic progress, both in the intensity of the pain and in my sexuality. I don’t look back since, I just regret not making this choice earlier.

Orit's dedicated treatment renewed the acquaintance between my body and me, it balanced me, improved my self-esteem and gave me added value in many other aspects of life.


And of course, today I approach sex with excitement and not as a duty, I never thought it could happen before meeting Orit.

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