A's story

I have never enjoyed sex, I always thought that it is not for me, I always blamed my partners of being insensitive, dryness, stress, character. I use to tell myself that I was not sexual, that I'd better give up. One day, when the partner who was worth trying hard for arrived (that was before I have realized that it is worth trying for myself first) I turned to my gynecologist and told him that I am feeling pain and a burning sensation during penetration. He examined me carefully and said that he cannot observe any physical problem and referred me to a gynecologist who specializes in vulvar pain and was also a sexologist.

I will not elaborate on all the treatment stages, but I can say that from here a painfully sad and exhausting saga of too many doctors, examinations, ointments, rubbing, and mainly sadness for not being able to have sex with my husband, just as the rest of the women in the world does without crying, or stop, or feel pain. Why everyone else enjoys sex, want sex and have sex while I am the only one who is rejecting and avoiding it, misunderstood and different. The last gynecologist gave me an ointment that relieved the pain, but I already felt so far from my body and from the willing to touch and being touched, that I expelled sex completely from my life.

One day, after another tough conversation with my husband about the situation, I told a friend about it. She told me that she read recommendations for a Chinese medicine therapist who specializes in gynecological diseases. I told her that I am done with therapists and doctors and there is no chance I will go through another exhausting saga about the sex I am not having.

Eventually, I have decided to give it one last chance.

That is how I met Orit, the Chinese medicine therapist who has changed my life. Orit exposed me to the Chinese medicine's world, step by step, gently but insistently, she exposed me to the close relationship between my body and my mental state. For the first time, I wasn’t asked to say what I have but what I feel.

Orit treated me professionally with care, and slowly I could feel my body again. In a combination of diet changes, yoga, conversations and acupuncture, of course, my body got back its libido, motivation, and connection. I stopped crying and became fulfilled with faith getting my body back, intimacy and touch. Orit is not only an acupuncturist but also an expert for the female's body, she gave me hope where gynecology has failed. Thanks to her I am back to be the woman I am today who can feel, enjoy and love.

It is my recommendation to each woman not to give up, to give it a chance and go on a journey where she can realize how smart her body is, how it is attached to her soul, and how much comfort and help can one wonderful and experienced therapist give. I have gained.