H's story

I never had any issues with sex or felt any abnormal pain until I was 25 years old. when I met my boyfriend (who became my husband:))​ I got familiar with this pain for the first time. When we started dating 4.5 years ago I experienced pain that followed by a burning feeling and difficulty in urination.  My doctor prescribed me antibiotics but the problem did not stop.

For 3 months I have tried different medications, creams, ointments and examinations. At the same time, anything that had to do with sex became very stressful. Since the problem began with our relationship, my boyfriend was afraid that it is psychological and not physiological.

Three months later I got a positive result for a bacterial infection that I cannot recall its name, transmitted by sexual contact with my current boyfriend. We both got treatment immediately that treated the infection completely but the pain did not stop and I couldn't understand why.

After many difficulties with my doctor that for every question (as am I allowed to have oral sex during the antibiotic treatment) I had to send by fax, I have realized that I must find a different gynecologist, it took me a few months till I got to Dr Liora Abramov who had been very pleasant, inviting, and professional. I felt that I can talk about everything with Dr Abramov who diagnosed vestibulodynia and told me that there are solutions. She assumed that the combination of the infection and the stress for so many months developed muscles tension and she has referred me to a pelvic floor physiotherapist and prescribed ointments and anesthetics. The lovely physiotherapist helped me understand the contraction and release of my pelvic muscles and slowly I could feel an improvement but it was not enough.

Because I was in the course of very hectic studying I couldn't persist with the physiotherapy practice. Meanwhile, 2 years passed by and sex was still a thing I was afraid of failing in, and to let my boyfriend down. My boyfriend was afraid that I am not attracted to him, and not interested in sex. A big knot of fear, inconvenient, pain and avoidance was created.

About a year and a half ago, after a serious conversation with my botfriend, I went back to Dr Abramov who said that I have indeed neglected the field, which made me decide that I am going to solve this thing. I was referred to physiotherapy again and got another ointment but the big punch was her referral to the wonderful Orit Zilberman.

I did not have experience with complementary medicine before and was quite a sceptic, but I trusted Dr Abramov so I gave full trust in Orit from the first moment. Orit was a caregiver in the full sense of the word, she asked accurate questions with attention to every aspect, she gave a response and personal attitude, she taught me that our body is one system therefore during the treatment we worked on other parts as my ankle pain, nausea etc. for 4 months I visited Orit and the physiotherapist regularly and followed their instructions. The treatment was one of my first priorities and the pain during sexual intercourse faded gradually.

Along the whole way Orit was professional, understanding, empathetic and always had some answer to my questions, thanks to Orit I have learned so much about my body, my menstruation, pelvic floor area, the connection between body and mind, and I could finally reduce the pain almost completely, that seldom comes for a visit, but even when it is there, I know how to deal with it and don't let it run my life.