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How I got my life back

When I first met Orit I had been dealing with chronic digestive issues, gynaecological disorders and sexual dysfunction for over a decade. Regular healthcare misdiagnosed my condition and left it untreated.

I felt detached from my body with a constant feeling of grief and loss. Luckily I had a very safe emotional marriage but of course, my issues had a profound impact on both my husband and me. For me, the loss of self-identity as a woman was most prominent which was probably because my body didn't produce enough sex hormones.

For years I’ve been searching for an answer by explaining and telling my story to regular healthcare, GPs and specialists, private women’s clinics, Orthomolecular healthcare, Chinese medicine practitioners and Sexologists. None of them had an answer, which led to the worsening of symptoms and to a stage of surrender, but never to the loss of hope. I simply knew that there was a physical explanation and a cure.

Even after I finally got the “right” diagnosis from top Dutch gynaecologists, the hormonal medication didn’t offer relief from vulvar pain, and they didn't change my hormonal levels therefore I didn’t have a menstrual cycle.

And then I heard about Orit’s clinic. At first, I was reluctant to start a new medical path once again, but since this was the first time that I heard of someone who specialises in vulvar pain, I gave it a try. After one treatment my world changed inside, outside, outside, inside.

What really stung me is that after all the years of searching and seeing experts, Orit was the first who brought up the common phenomenon of vulvodynia.

Long story short, Orit gave me back my life. The physical issues, chronic pain and limitations I had been going through for more than a decade simply resolved.

She is the most dedicated, precise and skilful healthcare professional I have ever met. Extremely knowledgeable, her acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments led to astonishing results that astounded the gynaecologists who had promised me there would be no cure for my menstruation and pain.


My body was no longer just a physical construct, but an integrated whole of body and soul - I got my desires back and I can enjoy life again in its full dimensions.

Picture taken by Samantha


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