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The Fall of Our Soul

In the last 2 weeks, I repeatedly heard both at my clinic and by those around me, complaints of emotional heaviness and a feeling that personal boundaries are changing and breaking. Autumn can have that effect on us, so my recommendation is to sit quietly in the park and watch the leaves falling on the ground.

From the peak of the summer's warmth and activity (YANG) almost at once, everything becomes calm and serene (YIN).

I embrace this stage where the change is felt, just as when the fridge stops making its noise, the quiet is more powerful when it comes after a big noise, which is why automn my favourite season.

Autumn symbolizes the end of the growing season, the time when nature begins to get rid of the old: leaves turn yellow and fall to the ground, this way they nourish it so that it can grow new ones after the winter.

Unlike people, the trees do not force the leaves to stay on the branches just because they may be needed someday. This is nature's way of reminding us to get rid of the old and the unnecessary and allow the entry of the new.

It is time to sort, separate, release and dispose of waste, whether it is emotions or objects.

According to the Chinese medicine philosophy, autumn is associated with the metal element and the internal organs the lungs and Large intestines. The functions of these 2 organs are similar to the autumn’s gathering inward and releasing character: the large intestine is responsible for sorting and releasing toxins in the body and then releasing them out of the body and the Lungs control breathing: inhaling and exhaling.

In nature, the metal immediately absorbs the temperature of the environment in which it is located, the organs associated with the metal element are very sensitive to external pathogens, especially heat and cold.

Conditions related to the metal element can appear throughout the year, but in many cases, they worsen or erupt in the autumn such as weakness of the immune system, allergies, constipation or diarrhoea, and the mental state can be affected manifested in sadness, depression, grief, strict or broken boundaries.

Such conditions can be supported by lifestyle changes, sometimes diet changes would be enough, and sometimes the addition of acupuncture and/or herbal treatments would be necessary.

Sometimes all we need is to sit quietly in the park, watch the leaves falling on the ground and let go🍂​


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