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Community Acupuncture for Women

Affordable acupuncture treatments in a shared space (maximum 4 patients).

The intakes are private and personal and the chosen acupuncture points are NOT intimate (therefore no need to take off your pants or underwear)


Where and when?

Studio Balance, Amsterdam

Tuesdays 9:45-11:45 AM

Thursdays 13:30-15:30 PM




​My name is Orit and I am a Chinese medicine therapist focusing on women’s health. I provide acupuncture and herbal treatments for many disorders that women experience at any age in a private clinic I own since 2004.


For over 15 years, I have had the privilege to be part of a life-changing process for hundreds of women who suffered from vulvodynia...

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How does it work?
at my practice in Amsterdam

How does it work?
online session

How does it work?
out of hours availability

Patient's stories

A's story:

I have never enjoyed sex, I always thought that it was not for me, and always blamed my partners for being too insensitive. I blamed the dryness, the stress, and my character, I used to tell myself that I was not sexual and that I'd better give up. One day, when the partner... read more

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